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From beautiful Lake Macquarie, growing up around the water has fostered a deep love and curiosity for the life it sustains, particularly for marine mammals. 

Inspired by a solo trip to Washington State to see wild orca, in 2011 I picked up my first dSLR camera. The goal was simple, I wanted to capture images of whales and other marine life that did justice to my experiences. I wanted to create images that savoured the excitement of every moment and that gave you the same gut feeling you get as you watch a the 2m dorsal of a male orca slice through the ocean, or a 40-tonne humpback whale erupt from the depths.

In 2012, I completed a double bachelors degree in Music and Teaching at the University of Newcastle. I always thought I would teach through the week and watch whales on the weekend. In 2013, I began working as a naturalist and deckhand for an ecotourism company based in Port Stephens and in 2014, I did not return to teaching. Working in ecotourism has enabled me to share my love of the marine environment with others and has also provided a platform to develop my passion for photography. 
As a founding member of the Marine Parks Association (active 2015-2020), I enjoyed using my love of photography to help update and maintain a population census of the Port Stephens resident Bottlenose Dolphins. This helped to bettered my understanding of our dolphins and allows me to provide others with a more intimate look at their day-to-day lives - to personalise each experience for guests onboard tourist vessels and promote a deeper connection and respect for the animals and the environment they inhabit. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. I hope you find as much joy viewing these images as I have had creating them!


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